Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"You got Mail"

This year, as part of FiberArtFriends, I'll be exploring different techniques. This month is combining fabric and paper. I haven't taken the time to explore much yet but I've enjoyed seeing what others in the group are creating. (Here's some examples:
Purple Missus ; Creatilfun ; Quilts & ATCs ; Stegart ; Sue Bleiweiss ; Textile Tales - Carol has lots of example!)

This week I finished two additional projects that a subset of the group is working on - a monthly page swap and birthday postcard swap. I put these in the mail:

Terri's Irises

This piece is 9x9 inches. I was so hard or me to slip it into an envelop and mail it to Terri (StegArt) because I didn't finish the edges!!!! It's the "job" of the receiver to finish the edges and bind it into a journal. (I also felt like a "cheated Terri a little bit because I worked on irises in December and didn't do anything original for her.

Fran├žoise's Birthday

Francoise's birthday (Creatilfun) is in January so I sent her a White Carnation, the flower for the month. I'm also working on a Journal Quilt this month which will "feature" white carnations so I was able to practice the flower.

I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered I received mail from Acey.
This is the first page I've received as part of the Fabric Art Journals group. The front of the page is based on my theme - The Eye of the Soul. The piece is wonderful! I've seen it online but the touching/holding tactile experience makes it more delicious! Thanks Acey!!!

Here's the back including a few extra (possible embellishments for future artwork!?!) -

I've also noticed a few blogfriends working on Friday Collages (well sort of... ) including:
Acey - She did a wonderful weekly collage a la Friday: here.
Debby - Her little-not-exactly-sorta-friday-collage is so sweet and she had fun! quiltnbee

...and I've heard rumors that Jen, Kay, Jeri, and Deborah may be thinking about it.

I told someone recently that creating something every week keeps my inspirational "antennae" on alert. It's my favorite drug... then caffeine! (maybe chocolate.)



diva of quilts said...

they're all wonderful!

MargaretR said...

Hi Kim. Beautiful work. I would not care what time of the year I received those irises myself, in fact sending them at this time of the year makes them even more welcome.

Sue B said...

Kim I love those Irises, Terri will be thrilled I'm sure and they fit perfectly with her theme. And that card - beautiful!

Dianne said...

Kim - both of your finished pieces are beautiful!! Love the irises and the white carnation! Both ladies will be delighted to receive these. Acey has done a great job with her page too - it looks fantastic.

Helen in the UK said...

Love these pieces. Great intrepretation of the carnation :)

Vicki said...

Thanks for sharing so much of your work - I like all of it! Love the carnation card.

Gunnels blog said...

Lovely pieces! Thanks for your comment on my buttonhole stitch!

StegArt said...

Oh Kim, it's lovely. I soooooo can't wait to see it in person. The postcard is beautiful too. Is that a yo-yo?

Purple Missus said...

Your page & postcard are both lovely work Kim. Looking forward to swapping with you later in the year.

quiltnbee said...

So lovely, Kim! Those backgrounds are so cool...who would think to use a yoyo for a carnation? So creative...And, of course, I love irises. ...Hey, thanks for linking to my page, too! =-)

The Carolina Quilter said...

Oh, I so wanted to see the whole thing but the pix won't load on my screen to full size! Last week I kept trying to comment and couldn't--must be a haint around. The two full pix that did load look stunningly gorgeous.

Micki said...

Everything is wonderful, Kim. I love the irises and your carnation for Francoise is beautiful.

Granny Fran said...

Lovely flowers! We so need flowers this time of the year.