Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Friday Collage - Wk 16 & Wk17

The Odds of Dying - 1:1

What a strange month. I had been looking forward to April's Poetry theme for my Friday Collages. I had anticipated a more carefree playful month. It just didn't happen. I've been stuck in a sadness for some time now - confused by grief. I love the poetry of Emily Dickinson and I chose this piece
I measure every grief I meet at the beginning of the month.

See the Moon!

I thought I'd try to end the month with something a little lighter - Carl Sandburg's Child Moon. I'd like to fall asleep with a innocent babbling - carefree and child-like...

For May, the theme is Social Issues. I'm not sensing light happy-go-lucky collages!


sharonb said...

I really like "See the Moon" the composition is great and reminds me a little of Japanese prints

Alis said...

Well I think they are both fantastic but I think my favourite is "See The Moon". It reminds me of Vincent's Starry Night.
Hugs, Alis

Sande said...

Hi Kim - just checking in to say hi and see what you've been up to. Still enjoying your Friday collages. Both are great. I love the swirling darks in the moon one, and the simplicity of the one for grief.

Samantha said...

Loev the use of the japanese waves in your moon collage!