Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ain't technology cool!

Got a late start getting on the road for our trip up to Seattle. We were planning on leaving town at 9am but didn't get on the road until noon. Considering how hellish the traffic was, we made great time. At some point along the way I decided that I really should do some sketching. Trying to "stay true" to DrawMo! and NaBloPoMo has required that I plan and use some of those brain cells that seem to be on vacation most of the time. I have to admit the challenge of trying to figure out how to capture picture on my cell phone and send it to Flickr or take a picture and add text and update my blog has been fun... and cool (fifty-five year olds aren't suppose to say "cool" - it's hard to break an old power-to-the-people habit! Oh, well, at least I don't say groovy... does anyone?)

As we were leaving town, we swung by the post office so that we could mail our latest NetFlix and a birthday postcard off to Alis before the month is over.

for alisBirthday Postcard for Alis


verobirdie said...

This is a lovely birthday postcard.
Alis will be happy, I think.

jenclair said...

A lovely card, indeed.

I agree about brain cells and posting every day. Although some of my posts lately are sounding as if the brain cells aren't firing too well.

:) It is hard to let go of language that has become habit! I never said, "Groovy" -- and wondered if anyone ever felt comfortable with that one. I use slang from all the years I've accumulated and sometimes feel silly, but only after the words are out!

Fran├žoise said...

Beautiful postcard!