Sunday, February 10, 2008

CD Cover Meme

I am in the throes of creative avoidance! Why else would I spend time this afternoon doing this instead of working on TIFC.

I saw this at Thing-a-day... India's post and of course, there's a Flickr group.

The CD Cover Meme group has only three rules: (1) The first article title on this random wiki page is the name of your band, (2) the last four words of the very last quote on this random quote page is the title of your album, and (3) the third picture here, no matter what it is, will be your album cover. (It took me nine searches to find a CC image.)

It is important to check the copyright settings of the picture, use images that are licensed under Creative Commons. When a photo is CC-licensed, it shows: Some rights reserved.

The Band name from here, the photo for the album cover from this photo (I did crop the photo)and the title of the album from this quote: "The less you can live on, the more chance your idea will succeed. This is true even after you've 'made it.'

I think I have now exhausted my career in making CD covers.

My "make" for Thing-a-day... four inches wide.

Living consciously...

Get in touch with your inner heretic. Commercials, cartoon, etc. often use the image of the devil and the angel sitting on opposite shoulders "encouraging" their person to act a certain way. Today's reading offered me a few new points to consider in the battle between orthodox and heretical thinking. I've always been friends with both sides of myself and now, they have names! Ortho and Harry


Quilt Pixie said...

love the idea of naming the competing interests/voices we all have.... Interesting that you've chosen a male name....

jenclair said...

Ahhh, I'm having a little creative avoidance, too. Things were going quite well, and then I suddenly felt like I was being dragged by my heels with my head bumping on every boulder in the path.

I find the term "inner heretic" both funny and accurate. My inner heretic has been laughing at my creations, and I'm going to have to slap that devil down before I can feel good again.

I like your heart and it follows the TIFC color scheme, doesn't it?