Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Candlemas

I'm lighting candles all over the house - most of them are votive candles and very few of them have heavy scents. I thought I had some beeswax candles but I can't seem to locate them. Just as well, the thought of blessing beeswax candles with aspergillum nearly makes me nausea. I have vivid memories of being at Mass and the odor of aspergillum choking the air as the Priest shook that perforated ball as he walked down the aisle. Not a pleasant memory!

I spent about 30 minutes making my stamp this afternoon. Tracing one of the hearts I drew yesterday and burnishing the image onto the back of an eraser. It was awkward carving out the design - the tools seemed too big and I didn't think it would turn out very well. But all and all, not bad.

Living consciously...

Today's practice was the proverbial deathbed question, with a twist... Was your life a success? Answer Yes and list the four of five reasons why. Seems like a lot of self-help deathbed question are focused on life's regrets in order to unearth what you still need to strive for. Saying Yes to the future vision you want appeals to me more.

My answer is Yes (without prompting): a wonderful marriage with a supportive partner; doing work that I love and keeps my mind engaged; the opportunity to "Go, Be, Do"; and the deep, lasting friendship with family and friends.


Vicki W said...

I love your heart stamps. I want to try stamp making some day.

Quilt Pixie said...

Love the living consciously question... I too answered an unequivocal "yes" before reading your answer. I've raised a wonderfully responsible and intentional young man; I've made a practical difference in a number of people's lives even if in the short term; I've lived with honesty, integrity, and humour and shared that "simplicity" with friends & family; I've empowered my son to parent his daughter in a positive and life giving way.... All in all not what I set out to do, but ever so much more "success" then I would have sought :-)

And hey, I'm only 46 and may have a few more years for even more successes (or to even better consolidate these ones!)

Donna said...

I never thought of making stamps out of erasers. Is there anything we won't try making stamps out of?