Tuesday, February 19, 2008

O-C knitting

It is becoming clear to me that knitting may not be necessarily good for those of us who have obsessive compulsive tendencies. Telling myself - 'just one more row' - hasn't worked very well. On the positive side, I've made a lot of progress on a pair of Jaywalker socks. Since I'm making them for my husband (and it looks huge), I had him try it on this evening and it fits. He's already dubbed them his Charlie Brown socks. Okay?!

I'm feeling confident about commitment to a pair of socks a month. Next month's sock is a tube sock. I've been surfing around for patterns and ideas - Mary Anne at Miss Woolly Knits has these lovelies.

I started to make my eyeglass case for Thing-a-day and made an error cutting the fabric so I had to change the design. I actually like it better than what I had originally planned.

This wonderful mask quilt(let), measuring seven inches square is from Alis. Isn't it lovely!

Living consciously....

Today's reading focused on our needs to connect with others. I do so agree! I don't care for the way Hendricks presented it... warm the cold heart...fill the void created by longing... too, too much Mr. Gloom for me.

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jenclair said...

Great socks! I also like your eyeglass case with the design improvement! :)