Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Plays!!!

Oregon Shakespeare Festival announced the new seasons of plays for 2009. I'm quite pleased that they will be doing MACBETH. But wait, we still need to see the 2008 plays! In April we are heading down to see three plays, no Shakespeare this time, but I'm looking forward to them: August Wilson's Fences; Julie Marie Myatt's Welcome home, Jenny Sutter; and Sudraka's The Clay Court.

I love August Wilson and have seen many of his plays - Fences was awarded both a Pulitzer and an Tony. I don't know much about the playwright Myatt and the Sudraka play is a first or second century Sanskrit drama (really don't know this one!)

Living consciously...

The practice today was to tune into the body and "ask" if any aches, pains or tightness might be connected to an emotional state.

There's an easy answer to this with one physical ailment... oh, yes! Stress will trigger a migraine for me - not all the time but I've enough data points to certainly believe that there is a correlation.

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