Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April TIFC - Day Four

Worked on selecting fabric for the April Take it Further Challenge. There will be more green in the finished piece than I anticipated but I think I captured the richness of the palette that SharonB proposed for this month. I worked up a sample of the tessellating arrows and decided I want them bigger which will mean that the finished size will be over twenty inches wide and forty plus inches long.

Living consciously...

What are you pretending to know? Wondering always feels better than knowing.

Lately, I'd answer that question with "Not much!" I'm still working on the feels better part. In trying to be more aware and present in the moment, I find getting all wrapped up in the content of things just doesn't mean as much as it use to. The stuff of life still happens and I'm beginning to sense that with it will come the "wonder" - abundance and fullness of life.

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jenclair said...

Pope? Love the colors and the text--as usual!