Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Scribbles

The last few days have not been part of my normal routine and so the usual things are not getting done. Fine with me! The weather has been nice and the company wonderful. What more could I ask for. Last night was dinner out with the family and then we played Scrabble. Tonight it's off to dinner with friends and tomorrow we are having dinner out (yet again) before we see Dave Brubeck and Ramsey Lewis. My idols are octogenarians!

Living consciously...

Accepting feelings, telling the truth, and keeping agreements is key in relationships with others and with living your own life with integrity. So true. I figure if I can achieve it in the relationship I have with myself, I'll be well on my way to being successful with the people closest to me.

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Quilt Pixie said...

it is a great gift to take a break from the normal routine once and a while :-) Enjoy!