Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's almost Monday... Yay!

I've got to return to some routine tomorrow! I'm getting behind on commitments I've made and the month is racing to a close. It's not that that I'm feeling stressed, I'm just eager to return to some "comfort" patterns of behavior... just like some people like "comfort" food, I'd like my "comfort" activities, please!

(Thanks to John Wagner, the creator of Hallmark's Maxine)

Living consciously...

There is a high art to acknowledging your feelings deeply while learning to act on them effectively.

I get the be true to yourself point but I still struggle with notion of deeply exploring as if some psychological dig into my past is going to miraculously align the who I am and make me a more effective person. I am trying to practice being aware of my feelings and manage my gap between stimulus and response.

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jenclair said...

When anxiety hits (with me, it can be as simple as a change in the weather, a drop in barometric pressure), my "comfort" activities are a great relief!