Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So NOT ready for May TIF!

May's challenge question is What do you call yourself and why? I can't decide what the bigger challenge will be - the question or the palette! These are not the colors that come to mind when I think of my various roles or activities. Perhaps I could take a more esoteric approach... pastel DNA? I looked up 'pastel' on and found this definition...

1. lacking in body or vigor; "faded pastel charms of the naive music"

faded pastel charms... that has potential.

Living consciously...

I was not looking forward to reading the passage and the practice today. I tried to "get in touch" with the feeling I was having when I realized how much I project into the reading before I even open the book. Well, what do you know? (Not much.) Regardless of my new found awareness I still felt relief when I discovered the practice was to plan a vacation for yourself. This would be a particularly useful practice when feeling pressured, overwhelmed, or undervalued. Plan the vacation as one of pure pleasure with these rules: you get to choose where you're going; how much time to spend; and the time spent must be on you and you alone.

While booking a business class seat to Edinburgh certainly crossed my mind, I know that I can also enjoy a mini vacation to a local home and garden store. There are times when half an hour there can lift and renew my spirits and buying myself a little gift doesn't do any harm either. Besides, it's too late to get to the Beltane Fire Festival so I'll celebrate the arrival of summer by going shopping!

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Kay said...

The title of this post expresses my feelings exactly. I'm really impressed that you were actually able to think about it enough to do a little research. Both theme and palette left me totally numb.

A trip to Edinburgh--let me come too.