Thursday, May 01, 2008

May TIFC - Day One (again)

I was responding to a comment that Jen left on my post about being 'Creatively Stuck' - she said I wasn't stuck I was fermenting and I thanked her for helping me discover a possible answer to the May TIFC question: What do you call yourself and why? I'm thinking about calling myself a zymurgist, someone who practices the art of fermentation. Fermentation is a catalyst function that turns something into something else. Grapes are turned into wine.

This is good, I already see the TIC colors in the must!

But since I'm not into wine (drinking wine, Yes - making wine, No), I may have to modify the term somehow. I know creativity is a by-product of inspiration, I "get" an idea or an insight and then convert this impulse into action, a kind of integration of the mind and the body. So, maybe I'll call myself an Iombazymurgist... with IOMBA coming from 'integration of mind/body action.' I wonder if there is a Latin or Greek root for this 'integration'. I also like Qualiazymurgist, which could be the art of the fermenting the way things seem to me. (qualia)


Living consciously...

The first of May and the practice was to look into the mirror and tell the truth.
A simple physical experience: Right now I feel_____; my head feels_____; my shoulders feel _____; I am most aware of my _____; because it feels _____.

Truth. Okay. Without a mirror... I feel the need for some caffeine because my head feels like it may be getting a slight headache. My shoulders feel a bit tight and I'm aware of my bum because it feels like I've been too long at the computer today. Am I living consciously yet? That's really the question. After four months of this daily activity AND ten weeks of reading Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth, I'm certainly more aware and often I'm even aware of being aware.


Kay said...

What do you call yourself? Aware.

jenclair said...

I like the idea of "integration of mind/body action." That really describes creativity doesn't it? The colors look great!

Sometimes I, too, am aware of being aware. Sometimes I remind myself to be aware. Most of the time I'm mindlessly unaware on most planes. But I'm working on it!