Sunday, April 13, 2008


Another no time for studio day.
I'm trying to work on my awareness... Do the test.

Living consciously...

What you see in others has more to do with who you are than who other people are. - Epictetus

Nothing like a Stoic from 100 AD to help clarify that the dance of 'Projections and Personas' thrive within us! The practice for the day to think of a past relationship that didn't work well and to come to terms with the part of you that you were projecting into that person that you didn't like.

I can't say I have a list of people I don't like. I'm certainly more neutral about some people more than other. But I do recognize behaviors in people I love that I don't like and those behaviors I see in myself as well.

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jenclair said...

OMGosh! No, I did not see that (don't want to reveal "what")!