Tuesday, May 06, 2008

April TIFC - Day Four

I worked on the April TIFC trying to not "stress" over the fact that I'm working on catching up with the past. The piece needs hours more work but I'm determined to keep it as simple as I can. It is currently 18" x 34" and I figure I'll put a minimal or no binding on it.

Tomorrow I think I'll deal with the fact that I have several things that I didn't finish in April and devise some sort of plan to get them done along with the May things before I fall into a why-bother-slump that has plagued me before!

Living consciously...

Hendricks offered 'The Rules of Integrity' in the reading today and suggested that you copy it and post it in a conspicuous place. It was a little too wordy for me and I'm afraid that things that get posted get buried under other things that get posted. My take on the rules is this: Know the truth about your feelings and take responsibility for the commitments you make.

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jenclair said...

As usual, I like the appearance of the black text...although I couldn't read it all.

Had to laugh at the "why-bother-slump" since I have succumbed to that attitude frequently!