Saturday, May 24, 2008

Environmental apostasy?

Wired has an article "Inconvenient Truths: Get ready to rethink what it means to be green." and in it they introduce ten green heresies:
1. Live in cities
2. A/C is OK
3. Organics are not the answer
4. Farm the forest
5. China is the solution
6. Accept Genetic engineering
7. Carbon trading doesn't work
8. Embrace nuclear power
9. Buy used cars - not hybrids
10. Prepare for the worst


We are staying home this weekend. The highlights will include visiting with our daughters and maybe going to Crate and Barrel. Our entertainment center had a drawer that arrived damaged and the replacement drawer arrived.

Last month, I decided to celebrate by birthday on the 25th of every month. I had read the comments of Jen's post on the 21st of April (here)and liked the idea of adding a bit more celebration to my life.

Living consciously...

... is there any part of our culture that is comfortable with gleeful, exuberant expressions of joy and fun and laughter?

Ouch. I wanted to argue with this when I first read it but, unfortunately, it is often too true! Something to work on.

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