Friday, May 23, 2008

Off to the coast

This time last week it was 100 degrees and today it's 55. It's damp and I can not get warm. We RSVP'd to go to the Aquarium for the Member's Night opening of the new exhibit. Just thinking about it make me feel colder. Going to dress warm and work on my attitude before my husband gets home!

Living consciously...

One of the points in today's reading was that we are so fearful of rejection that we keep ourselves distant, hidden and safe. In my youth I probably was more guarded and tentative about getting close with others. I don't think that fear of rejection was my motivation. Growing up in the military, I moved frequently -- a new school every year-- and I know I developed an attitude of accept me as I am or get out of my way. My edges are softer now but if I'm "being rejected" by someone, I probably wouldn't notice or I wouldn't care. It's my journey and I've never felt it necessary to pack what other's think into my bags and carry it along with me.

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Sharon said...

" on my attitude before my husband gets home!" Love that.