Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wasting time watching TV

Spent some time catching up with some shows I have on the Replay. I do not like the end of season cliff-hangers. I am not going to sit and wonder all summer what happened to the characters. All I want is a simple story -- beginning, middle, and end. I also caught the Oprah show with author Kathy Freston about her book Quantum Wellness. Got me thinking and I'm considering taking on the 21 day cleanse. Going meatless for 21 days would be doable. I think I could even handle the vegan diet for 21 days. Giving up caffeine for 21 days makes me feel a little uneasy... yup, clearly I'm an addict.

It would help to have a personal chef cook all my meals that would make the 21 days much easier!

Living consciously...

Today's challenge: Take a look at areas of your life and take full responsibility. As example, Hendrick says "I do asthma now and then" (rather that "I have asthma")... "I create the feeling of depression in my body and mind sometimes."

Now, let's see, I "do" migraines from time to time and I can honestly say that I've "created" a few. I can accept the "is-ness" of them and not "blame" anyone or anything. The challenge, for me, is the practice of full responsibility... being aware.

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday and our present thoughts build our life tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind. -- Siddhartha Buddha


jenclair said...

I could do meatless, but I'm not sure about vegan (I love hard-boiled eggs in my spinach salads - and they aren't on a vegan diet, are they?). The caffeine ban would be unbelievably difficult! And yet...I love the idea of the 21 day cleanse.

A personal chef and a spa would make this an adventure rather than a torture. I Wish!

I "do" anxiety, usually associated with the weather, from time to time. Interesting concept of full responsibility.

Kay said...

Meatless ok, but the rest of the idea sounds pretty whacky to me.