Tuesday, May 13, 2008

indulging technology

It's like I have a new pet in the house. It hides under the bar cart but comes out once a day and runs around the kitchen and dining room. The first day it raced down the hallway and went under the bed. My husband picked it up a Costco the other day. I'm considering naming it but not for a couple of days because the dog is already jealous. So far I pleased... it doesn't argue with me and it's helping with battle of keeping the dog hair off the floor!

Living consciously...

Simply be with the pain. Right now in my life, the greatest pain that I feel is _____.

I don't like this kind of practice! I'll deal with the itchy eyes and aching knees but healing the trauma of abandonment suffered as I left the womb is not something I'm going to focus on. I am, however, trying to be more aware of my feelings -- aware, letting them pass through but not having a stay-up-all-night-slumber-party with them.

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