Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May TIFC - Day Two

Finally! I was getting worried but I finally (!!) made it to the studio. I was inspired a few days ago by this post of Sharon's (All Norah'S Art) and more recently by her finished work to her Modigliani challenge. I still have a bit of work to do but at least I've started the May TIFC.
It's been too long since I did something playful, so working on Iomba - my alter ego name for this little muse, was just what I needed.

Living consciously...

I failed the 'awareness' test of living consciously yesterday when I skipped a day. So today I find myself going back in time with a practice to look at myself in the mirror and imagine the face looking back at me is the face of a Zen master. What is it that the Zen master in you most needs to say to you?

Just the obvious: Patience, grasshopper.

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Sharon said...

Yea! you tried the challenge and I love what you did. Thanks for the shout out too.