Wednesday, May 28, 2008

O the Month of May

Who knew? Celebrate Older Americans Month before it's too late!

Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June. ~ Al Bernstein

This month has felt like a series of one step forward and three steps back - no wonder I feel like I'm two months behind. Well, at least that's my excuse

The Merry Month of May

Living consciously...

A challenge in the reading today was try to reduce responsibility to its simplest level.

The Watergate riff (What did I do, and when did I do it?) that Hendricks used to talk about responsibility in relationships didn't appeal to me but the above phrase did make me think. I have deferred ownership of certain tasks to my husband (as I'm sure he does the same to me!) I suppose it's part of some unspoken contract we've assumed over the years. Responsibility - at its simplest level, for me, is just something I have to do. Taking ownership for tasks and doing them is the easy part but the dynamics between people come with plethora of other issues (consensus, negotiation, judgment, resentment, different standards, etc.) Finding a balance, yup, also something I have to do!

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