Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May weeklies

With five weeks in May and "Order" as the monthly theme, I had an idea for what I was going to do early in the month. Unfortunately, the vision and the reality didn't quite match. I still need to quilt them and I might be able to make them a little more palatable. They'll be about 6" by 11" when they're done. I'm sure I'll figure out the 'lesson learned' in time.

Living consciously...

Today's practice is one of speaking and hearing the truth. Hendricks states that the first thing is to get over the delusion that we have control over how other people feel and then to speak the truth simply, leaving room in the conversation for others to do so.

Well, I've never been deluded that I can control how others feel but 'simple truth' should come with a warning:
There is no truth. There is only perception. ~ Gustave Flaubert
I try, sometimes struggle, to know my own truth.The best I can do is to be as authentic as I can and to be aware of that when I speak. With respect to hearing the truth, I have to trust the other person - trust that they are speaking from their authentic core as well.

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