Saturday, June 14, 2008

Colbert and Woods

Watching Steven Colbert always picks me up but lately I just haven't had the time. Isn't it nice that the internet is there?

I watched Tiger Woods play the back nine at the U.S. Open this afternoon. I do love watching him play and I hope his knee holds out tomorrow.

Living consciously...

The practice today was one of making a commitment to deep listening. I figure that I did that today when I was least expecting it. I had been listening to Andrea Bocelli's Mi Manchi and decided to take a few minutes and translate it. It's such a beautiful song. After I had a 'good' translation of the lyrics I went back and looked carefully at the words and phrasing so that I really got a feel for what was be said. Then, I slipped on my iPod shuffle and listened. My daughter walked into the room a few minutes later and asked what was wrong because she saw that I was crying. Clearly the deep listening had an impact on me.

Now the trick is practicing deep listening in normal conversation - without letting my stuff get in the way or breaking into tears!.

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