Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finishing up Spring

Summer's coming. Suppose to arrive this Friday at 4:59pm. I'm still try to finish up the spring cleaning! But with my husband in Las Vegas on business, I'm taking care of the odds and ends this week. I'm on my night owl clock and still enjoying a good five hours of sleep. The dog doesn't understand why I'm up until 2am. She likes heading off to bed around 11:30pm or 12. I think she's out for the night early tonight - my daughter took her on a two and a half mile walk late this afternoon - and she came home and collapsed.

Living consciously...

Hendricks encourages talking to a close (sensitive and compassionate) friend to help you discover your essence. My gut feeling to this was "don't need to go there, 'cause I already have." I may not have actually used the words essence and persona but I have two very close friends who have known me over 25 years and in their friendship I've come to know my essence. I don't think it's a thing you describe, I think it's something that is.

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