Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weekly Collage

wk 25-08

I ran across a pile of quilting samples and exercises that I've done over the years while putting away some fabric. I have a hard time throwing stuff out - thinking I'll use it someday but rarely do. Deciding it was time for a change, I took the piece below and used it as the start of this week's collage. I used fabric markers to add some color (which doesn't show very well) and then sewed on rectangles of some dyed organza. I like how I satisfied my theme of 'contentment'... I enjoyed the process and I'm happy that put one of the exercises to use.

Living consciously...

A seemingly simple practice today: Be aware of your breathing. I've not yet made a commitment to meditate on a regular basis but when I have I really enjoy the process of focusing on my breathing. It's very effective in stilling the mind. Recently, I was talking with a friend about ways to stay more aware of the present moment. We talked of Grandfather clocks that chime every hour and using that sound to stop and be aware of breathing. Then we remembered rain chimes - I like the randomness of them. I wonder if I'd tune the sound out or if I could actually use it to remember to be aware. (At $75, I'm not going to race out to buy one.)

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Kim West said...

I have had a grandmother clock for years and when it was running (I don't wind it anymore because it needs to be fixed- it is off balance) I tuned out the chiming and the ticking. The first few days, your aware of it, but then the noise is so commonplace, that you don't pay attention anymore. It is the same with my wooden wind chime... it is constantly going, but I don't hear it anymore.