Sunday, June 01, 2008

Happy June.

June's here. I was hoping to be caught up with all my projects and I'm not. I'm frustrated that I didn't but I just need to press on and do what I can.

Tomorrow's another day!

Living consciously...

Beginning my sixth month with A Year of Living Consciously (365 Daily Inspirations for creating a Life Of Passion and Purpose) by Gay Hendricks - woot! I had a few days of why-am-I-doing-this but overall look forward to the daily read and practice. Today's practice, not so much: Think of one or two people who bring up the deepest emotions in you. Who push your buttons? Reach out... All I could think about was "I'm married - guess who?" I honestly do have the highest highs and (yes) the lowest lows with the man I've made a lifetime commitment to. We are still learning about each other and from each other. Yes, I could work on learning to say thanks more!

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