Thursday, June 05, 2008

June TIFC - Day One

I headed off to SharonB's Take it Further Challenge for June after finally finishing the last two months of TIF. The challenge, stories that are and stories that are possible, reminded me that I inherited my grandmother's stash after her death. When my mother told me she was shipping Nanny's stash to me I assumed I'd see some fabric, thread, and miscellaneous sewing notions but I was not prepared for the hundreds of zippers and packages of bias tape. This challenge seems prefect for giving Nanny's stash a voice and finding a story that can be told with zippers and bias tape.

Living consciously...

...your journey of change is of you and for you, and that it is not your intention to take hostages along for the ride.

When I read the above I had one of "aha" moments. I was suppose to be thinking about people that may have resisted my attempts to change but instead I thought about how when I'm in the process of change I tend to include or exclude people. As I was about to congratulate myself for taking no hostages, I realized that is exactly what I am doing. I think until recently I've held my husband as a 'spiritual' hostage. He wasn't interested, I was, and I had other friends I could talk with - I did with them. But the reality is that my husband and I talk about everything - every little nuance of our lives and how we live it. We don't always agree, we have different views but "spiritually" I couldn't be closer to another human being. Clearly, my tendency to include or exclude people is self-serving, now I just need to figure out if it's born of arrogance or self-protection.

spiritual - closely akin in interests, attitude, outlook, etc.
hostage - one that is manipulated by the demands of another.

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