Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Weekly Collage (May)

I ended up working on these five little pieces in batch mode... and wasn't satisfied with it. I had an idea for the theme 'Order' and started the process with optimistic attitude. Then, well, things don't always go the way the mind sees it - but I finished! (Weeks 18-22)

Living consciously...

How do you wake up in the morning?

My husband jumps out of bed with energy and enthusiasm - I've envied that from time to time. I need some time to make the transition from asleep to awake. It just occurred to me that it's probably the same amount of time to go from awake to asleep - twenty to thirty minutes. I find it a very necessary part of my day - a time to reflect and often the time I need to plan how I want the day to unfold. If that portents how I face life in general, I'm fine with that!


McIrish Annie said...

I like the circular quilting against the vertical lines. Not sure what you had in mind but I think the pieces are very effective.

and my hubby is like your hubby. often up BEFORE the alarm goes off. I'm like you I need to EASE into the day with some kind of plan in mind. they say opposites attract, every new day with my hubby confirms that for me.

Carol said...

Kim, these are fab, very cohesive, and lovely. Love the colours and the quilting.

jenclair said...

I especially like the first three and agree about the colors and quilting.