Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where'd it go

I know the price of gas is up but I haven't really thought about it until today. I had a number errands the last two days, driving about 225 miles and I figured that cost me about fifty dollars.

I think it's time to pay more attention to where the money goes.

I got an email recently that showed what people around the world spent on one weeks worth of food. The photographs came from Hungry Planet: What the World Eats by photographer Peter Menzel and writer Faith D'Aluisio. NPR did a feature story on it in Nov '05.

Living consciously...

The practice: Identify the one significant person in your life who is most likely to resist or attempt to thwart you attempts at change.

Really. I'm married, right? I do a lot of lobbying but in reality the way I get most things done is to do them myself. Once a process is in place and working, I have been able to successfully transfer or at least share it.

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jenclair said...

Those pictures (and cost break downs) really made me think. Since there are just two of us, I think I might try to keep better track of groceries and meal costs.

My husband and I were discussing all kinds of things in the "re-evaluate the eco/carbon-footprint" last night. Listing all of the things we would include if we were to build another house, discussing the lack of public transportation in the South, water conservation, etc.

In one way, the price of oil is making all of us look at taking measures we should have been taking long ago. I hear more and more people who sound proud of the steps they are taking to economize and help with environmental concerns.