Monday, July 14, 2008

Felt like a Monday

I did manage to iron some fabric and lay out some ideas for this week's collage. My muse didn't quite give me the swift kick I needed to get the piece completed.

I saw today that the World's oldest blogger - The Life of Riley - Olive Riley died at 108. (Info here and here.) I don't know if I'll be blogging when I'm 108 but I'm sure they'll be all kinds of virtual worlds to explore.

The Terrorist Watch List hits 1 million names. Really?

Living consciously...

As I begin to read (and start shaking my head in disgust) yet another 'birthing' exercise, I can't help but wonder does this really work for some people? The practice: Imagine that you are being born...repeat this affirmation...I am ready to bear myself; I am ready to be born.

Pause for a moment and feel the joy of being. Great. Watch with awe and curiosity as a hummingbird feeds at a gladiola. Cool. Curl up in a fetal position in the dark and pretend to pass through the birth canal. I think not.


McIrish Annie said...

I sure hope I'm still blogging at 108 cause that means I'll still be breathing and hopefully quilting. Ihave enuf ufos and projects in mind til at least then.

as for Monday, that's how mondays can be. It's definitely my least favorite day.. hope the rest of your week is great!

Quilt Pixie said...

I love your elfish dll! what a cool guy sitting up there surveying the world -- not too cutesty while still being fantasy based...

jenclair said...

Your muse looks to be thinking about the problem. His kick will probably come when you least expect it.

One thing I've believed for some time now is that blogging and computers are a wonderful thing for the elderly if they are willing to give them a try. My mother couldn't do a lot, but she loved email, visiting my blog, and playing bridge even when she wasn't getting out much. How wonderful that Olivia was able to build such a wide community and to be open to the idea!

Kim said...

Annie - I had set my goal for 100 years but who knows... I wonder what the world will look like in 2060?

Donna - Yes, she's a keeper. I call her Eccutempt...a mnemonic of the canonical nine Muses. She was made by Margarita Castillo ( and she calls them WishKeepers.

Jen - I certainly hope that as continue to march toward 'elderly' I keep myself technologically competent and computer savvy. However, I'm not quite sure which one of the half dozen remotes my husband has actually works the DVD player but I figure if I really want to find out I could probably look it up on the internet!