Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekly Collage

wk 29-08

Oh, I did so enjoy working with these fabrics!

This happiness consists of nothing else but the harmony of a few things around me with my own existence, a feeling of contentment and well-being that needed no changes and no intensification. ~ Herman Hesse

This quote is from Hesse's "Happiness" Essay written in 1955. (1997 translation here by Gary Busch)

Living consciously...

Hendricks writes that "People's lives don't change through insight; they change through experience." and then for practice - Ask Yourself: What have I been reluctant to experience?

I agree except, Hendricks uses this to suggest that we're running from feelings of sadness and pain. I don't want to look backward. I want to run toward feelings of joy and exuberance.


jenclair said...

The colors are so rich! No wonder you enjoyed working with them.

Kim said...

Jen - True. I think hand-dyed are richer and have more depth. It may be time to sort through some of my 'truly uninspiring' commercial prints and over-dye them.