Wednesday, July 02, 2008

July TIFC - Day One

I really do look forward to SharonB's Take it Further Challenge each month. I'm curious about what will inspire me -- rising to meet quilt/visual challenge or the palette or will the question touch something in me that needs to be answered.

At 56, I try NOT to think of my life as half over but rather what I still want to experience. I'm busy adding to the "bucket list" - rarely taking anything off the list and not feeling guilty about anything I summarily ignore. The challenge is to figure out how to do what I want so it satisfies my quest. Non é mai troppo tardi.

Living consciously...

I think the message for the day is 'Be an adrenalin junkie.' Instead of being paralyzed by fear, learn to re-interpret those initial feelings as an invitation to behave differently. I get that I need my mind/body/intellect to work as fast as the biology and when that first surge of stress triggers that fight/flight feeling I need to "float" in a feeling of being alert and attentive to my environment without dashing off. (However, spiders surprising me in my home still run the chance of being squashed!)

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jenclair said...

:) - My "bucket list" is pretty mild, but important to me! At 59, I'm still healthy, active, and relatively I hope to make the most of the list. Part of me knows that there is a finite amount of time, but part of me still dwells in that adolescent mindset that I'll live forever!