Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weekly Collage (almost)

I started this final weekly collage for the month with a handful of scraps. Optimistic and at ease with what ever happened as I began to work.

What a mess.

Maybe when I quilt it I'll feel the harmony!?!?

Living consciously...

In the reading, Hendricks encourages communicating your feelings as you would the time of day - no need to dramatize, hide, or feel ashamed - "It's 7pm and I'm mad." His goal is for you to learn how to communicate the feeling effectively.

I'm still learning to identify the feelings effectively! I figure if I learn to become all zen-like within myself, I'll be less likely to go postal on someone else. Being aware of how a little mid-afternoon anxiousness is impacting my creativity and what I can do to mitigate that is my goal. Be aware, "ah, it's 2pm and I feel anxious," and let it pass. Now, about those positive feelings, I want to dramatize those... like Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia! Loved the women on the dock.


Alis said...

I love the colours and pieces you have chosen. It always fascinates me the way fabrics change when they are quilted. Looking forward to seeing the change in this piece.

Quilt Pixie said...

Its 9:30am and I feel inspired :-)

Kim said...

Alis - I also like the metamorphosis - the different layers and embellishments that bring a piece together. I am, however, not holding much hope for this piece. Sometimes you just have to stand back and ask "What was I thinking?" and open the door for a little growth.

Donna - Made me smile! Thanks, I need to remember to "lean" in the direction of my more positive feelings.