Friday, July 25, 2008


My husband left this afternoon and won't be home until the 2nd of August. He's off on his "annual" bike ride - seventy to one hundred miles a day, camping out, and chilling with 200 other like-minded folk. He borrowed my point and shoot camera, leaving me the bigger digital camera that I haven't used. He did give me a quick tutorial on it but I couldn't be bother with it today. Tomorrow.

Living consciously...

Today's practice reminded me of the Fantastic Voyage, but without the plot, cast, and small little space craft. Hendricks suggests a voyage of inner space that's a lot more low tech: With an intention to wonder (rather than criticize or fix)... explore the sensations inside you body.

I think this is a good practice and something I should do more often. I've worked on being aware of my breaths unfortunately the left shoulder, right elbow and knees are beginning to speak up more these days.

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