Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blues and Greens

While watching the Olympics, I ironed and refolded the blue and green fabrics that were crammed into the shelf. I saw a post on Whip up on using a quilter's ruler to aid in folding the fabric. I made some happy discoveries as I was going through the fabric but I didn't let myself get distracted.

So many of the fabric pieces were less than half a yard, so I made the decision to put them in a drawer. I have four drawers of these drawers in the studio -- they currently hold stamps, fancy yarn, trims, and other miscellaneous items. Now I'll need to clean those drawers out.

Living consciously...

"An adult, someone who is taking 100 percent responsibility for what he or she brings to relationship, recognizes that agreement-keeping is a choice, plan and simple."

I'm trying to apply this to my relationship. Here's my problem, we both can get a case of agreement-keeping retaliation. I know it's small minded and not living consciously. Most of it revolves around chores and the agreements we've made to running the household but it does spill over to how we treat each other from time to time. So, if I take the plan and simple 100 percent responsible road, I need to choose first to keep my agreements.


Quilt Pixie said...

Must admit the being responsible for one's agreements is something big in this house -- often you have to really really negotiate to get someone to committ to making an agreement, but then, it will happen for sure. Probably part of the reason that for me a holiday is when there is truly no committments on my calendar :-)

LOVE how the folded fabric looks... enough to look up the method and consider my piles....

jenclair said...

The Olympics have really worked for you!

Kim said...

donna - Sometimes I think we need third party arbitration and written contracts in order to manage the agreements! (This just applies to my spouse - I think "I forgot" is his middle name.)

I declare what I call snow days sometimes - doesn't matter if there is snow or not - just the time to be free from those darn responsibilities.

(I'm soooo loving my folded fabric!)

jen - They really have! I figure if I'm going to be camped in front of the TV, I have to do something to keep myself busy.