Friday, August 08, 2008

oh eight - oh eight - oh eight

We talked about the Olympics this morning at breakfast -- TV coverage and the odd hours. When I got home this afternoon, one member of the breakfast club had sent this link: NBC Beijing. Nice!

Also Wired has some interesting article and links on the tech side of the Olympics. They list the Official Website.

Living consciously...

Consciously living out the experience of loss means starting at a place of acceptance... Knowing this is easy, living it is more difficult. For practice, Hendricks suggests looking at how "denial" manifest itself physically, mentally and emotional.

Projecting myself into the future and knowing the losses that are to come, imaging how I might experience these losses -- I do think that this is something that I've been thinking about lately. Mainly because many of my friends are going through these losses already and we talk about it and how we feel. In many ways, preparing ourselves for the future. Aging and death, all a part of this life we know.


jenclair said...

As we get older, I don't believe we can escape thinking about the experience of loss. As you say, our friends are experiencing the same things, and we can share our feelings and prepare for the future. There are all kinds of loss, too. Loss of loved ones, loss of physical abilities, loss of independence...we do need to have a method of dealing with and managing these experiences.

Kim said...

jen - I so agree! Loss, in all it's perturbations, is part of life and during this second half of life it seems to present itself in more and more ways. I've already witnessed too many people unable to cope and paralyzed by loss.

Perhaps we should all identify the future "loss" we are most afraid of losing and prepare for it.

Which reminds me... I need to pick up some more reading glasses.