Sunday, August 31, 2008

September TIFC - Day One

I couldn't resist the temptation to look in at SharonB's In A Minute Ago and see if she had posted the September Take it Further Challenge. Indeed she had. Oh, guess what the theme is.

list (1) -
1. a series of names or other items written or printed together in a
meaningful grouping or sequence so as to constitute a record.
2. list price.
3. Computers. a series of records in a file.
4. a complete record of stocks handled by a stock exchange.
5. all of the books of a publisher that are available for sale.

list (2) -
1. a border or bordering strip, usually of cloth.
2. a selvage.
3. selvages collectively.
4. a strip of cloth or other material.
5. a strip or band of any kind.
6. a stripe of color.

list (3) -
1. a careening, or leaning to one side, as of a ship.
2. (of a ship or boat) to incline to one side; careen.
3. to cause (a vessel) to incline to one side

list (4) -
1. to please.
2. to like or desire.
3. to like; wish; choose.

list (5) -
1. to listen.
2. to listen to.

My favorite (no, I didn't lists them all) is an adjective: list (2) - 11. Made of selvages or strips of cloth. I have a feeling that I'll be making some type of string quilt.

I made several lists today: chores this week; shopping lists; errands to run; and it all started with things that I wanted to get done in the studio - I wrote those in my journal.

Living consciously...

The title of the passage for today's reading is "The Correct Position For A Toilet Seat" and of course it's all about how much compromise is necessary to be in a successful relationship. The twist that Hendricks offers: first, consider a small ongoing conflict; then let go of it; finally, identify how you are going to compromise. This is about you, not about your partner. It is irrelevant what your partner does; what you do is essential, and of your essence.

Irrelevant???!!? My essence is just fine and doesn't appreciate that fright in the middle of the night when free falling that inch to "land" on the cold porcelain rim. We compromised a long time ago that the seat, as well as the lid, stays down.

Perhaps I'll never reach that nth stage of consciousness/enlightenment 'cause for me compromise is a mutual concession -- you talk, maybe even discuss things in an animated way, come to some consensus, remind each other over the next several months that you came to an agreed upon consensus, make nice and respect each other... and move on to the next conflict!

Sure, I agree, there are minor conflicts that I can identify and on my own work out how I am going to 'compromise.' I can just pick up the toothpicks he has been leaving around the house and throw them away. (Does he know he's been failing to throw them away? Perhaps I should save them and put them where he might notice... )


rianammerman said...

One has to choose one's battles. I am referring to your consciousness DH does some things that, if I choose to let them, can send me into the stratosphere. History has shown that the fallout from the discord is usually worse than the issue itself, and the same infractions continue anyway, so I close his doors, turn off his lights, push in his chair, and pick up his toothpick. Most of the time.

Kim said...

rian - Indeed! Most of the time... as I stare down at the desk and there is yet another toothpick. Perhaps a post it note with a ink outline of a toothpick and a caption that reads: "Please place toothpick in designated spot. Thank you."