Monday, September 01, 2008

A new month...

I'm continuing to add to my collection of scraps on foundation paper. I rather like the big splash of color that sits on the extra chair in the studio. I'm beginning to think about what I can do with them - and I still have lots of scraps and plenty of phone book pages.

My organizing frenzy from August has spread into September as I attacked the shelves next to the fabric. I went through more than a dozen magazine that I had been saving to use for cutting out images that inspired me. I was brutal - quickly flipping through pages, ripping out images that caught my eye and tossing the magazine into the recycle bin. The very top shelf had Bon Appetit magazine that I have been hoarding forever. I have more than enough cookbooks and use the internet to find recipes, so I very bravely recycled the Bon Appetit collection. It was time and now, I have more shelf space.

I played briefly with the colors for the September TIFC in my journal. They remind me of the palette from February. Spent the rest of the time doodling.

Living consciously...

Today's reading is about anger and trying to identify what childlike behavior might come out when you do get angry.

I tend to think that anger is normal and natural but it gets a bad rap because we think of it as an over-the-top, out-of-control emotive expression or a violent outburst.

I'll take this definition of anger: a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath; ire.

A little anger is just what I need sometimes to get the focus to take action and I think that that's a mature anger. Do I have a childlike behavior that comes out - sure - but only when I reach or get pushed into an uncontrollable anger - and then, it's the loud shout a la "did too, am not, did too, am not..." I believe it's fueled by the desire to be heard and feel valued.

Most of my anger these days is directed at my clutter or myself. It's hard to have a screaming match with myself - it's easier to deal with the clutter and/or change my behavior.

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rianammerman said...

There is a principle in feng shui that says clutter blocks your energy. Space clearing is very freeing and energizing. It revs you up.