Thursday, August 28, 2008

Transforming Weeklies

I started the morning by spending a few moments with my journal and (be still my heart) I felt inspired. Now, I know it's only day two but it was a creative productive day two! I wrote the date in the upper left hand corner then drew 'quilt feather edged with tiny circles' that had seen on Sally's blog while I was Field tripping through VickiW's Issue 13. Next, I started thinking about what else I could do with crumbs and I remembered the heart I did (wk06-08) and how that shape might lend itself well to foundation piecing with crumbs. The next hour was a flurry of sketching ideas for potential gifts using scraps and pulling out thirteen weeklies to transform into one quilted wall hanging.

I laid these thirteen weeklies out on the carpet, climbed the up the step stool, up on tip-toe sticking my arming out and snapping pictures to try and get them all in one shot. I got the shot after the seventh try -- love digital cameras! I printed off a copy and spent time working them into a cohesive piece. I'm liking how it looks! (that's it above on the right-hand page of the journal... below the picture I took without falling off the step stool!)

Living consciously...

A lovely practice today - well at least I see it that way. Consider your 2 or 3 significant relationships and while thinking about the emotional tone of them, zoom in and try to assess what's missing. (for example - laughter, joy, etc.) I like the reflection and appreciated Hendricks last sentence Only you know what's missing, and until you do, it will be difficult to find out if the missing element can be found. It struck me that I might be be the one that's not bringing the 'missing' element to the relationship.

(...not/bringing/missing...??? oh well, I understood what I was trying to say!)


Vicki W said...

Oh, I do like that!

rianammerman said...

Smashing! That's a strange adjective, but it was the first word that came to mind. Maybe I coulda thought up a different one to write, but decided to go with the original. Smashing!

Quilt Pixie said...

so gald the creative muse is "in residence" for you :-) She's doing some interesting looking work

Kim said...

vicki - Thanks, I think it's coming together nicely - no pun intended.

rian - Thanks, 'smashing' is a great word and in this case feels just spot on. Now I just need to figure out how to "glue" all these pieces together.

donna - ha! I think she feeding on scraps -- there's a veritable smorgasbord strewn around the studio.