Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still getting organized

I went back through the 'crumbs' drawer today and sewed some to foundation paper. It turned out to be a good exercise for me because I discovered that many of the pieces in the drawer were too small for me to really enjoy working with. I ended up tossing out at least half the pieces -- still have plenty! I'd like to get in the habit of sewing them onto foundation paper so that I have a stash of fabric ready to put together when I get inspired.

I pulled more fabric out of the cupboard that needs to be ironed and folded. (My husband strolled by and said "More? Are you ever going to be done?") I assured him that I thought the end was in sight -- although some of the fabric is still hidden from view! I still have a box under the cutting table but I think most of it is PFD fabric.

I did sit down this morning with my Americano and work in my journal. When I pulled it out of the bookshelf a scrap of paper fell out - - a recipe for "White Gingerbread" -- which I promptly copied into the journal. It took me some time to get going and find other things to add but I figure it's a process and it may take time to get the habit started.

Living consciously...

The practice: For the next 24 hours, consider your television broken.

Well, that won't be happening. I've been watching some of the US Open and some of the DNC Convention.


Alis said...

I have loved seeing your fabric stash. Such gorgeous colours.
I wish I could have come over and helped you sort it ;0)

Kim said...

alis - Ah, thanks. I could have used a small army of volunteers to help me deal with it. The end is in sight and I know what I have and where it is. Now I need to start some serious stash busting to reduce the amount I have... I may even break down and make some bed quilts -- or maybe just lap quilts!

Quilt Pixie said...

my heart wept at the thought of those poor discarded scraps... the only way something is "too small" in my system is if its less then 1/2 inch in which case it's all hidden in seams... Maybe some perspective that tiny is too small would help get things under control a little better.... Hmmmm

jenclair said...

I just keep making more and smaller scraps out of the scraps! That white gingerbread sounds VeRy Good.

Kim said...

donna - I did try to salvage the crumbs - - sewing the smallest pieces together so they could span the foundation paper I was using but it just became too, too much. It just came time to say "Enough."
(...chin up... they've gone to crumb heaven...)

jen - I planning on making the white gingerbread... I'll post the recipe when I do.