Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Still ironing

Took care of getting more fabric ironed and folded and put away. I've only burned myself once throughout this process somehow the iron touched the knuckle of my index finger. Not serious, should be gone in the next day or so.

I played for a few minutes with the scraps. I used pages from an old phone book as foundation paper. I enjoyed doing the stripes - it was almost relaxing. I won't be doing anything like the one on the right again - too much work.

Living consciously...

The practice: Identify one thing you'd love to do... do it.

This is one of those practices that on the surface seems simple. I can be really good at indulging myself in the things "I love to do" but I'm even better at postponing doing them. If it's a one-off, quick, easy and doesn't require much time -- sign me up! My dear friend from California was visiting last week and while she was oohing and aahing in my studio, trying to downplay the attention I was receiving, I was wistfully talking about my desire to be a real artist and really commit to working with a visual journal. She tried to stop my whining but I persisted with trying to tell her about my failed starts with inconsistent and amateurish scribbles. She said that maybe that wasn't a tool for me. I went on to add how I'd love to do it but I just can't seem to make the commitment to make it a disciplined part of my day. I'd love to do it... hmmm. I guess I'll start... tomorrow.


Quilt Pixie said...

reminds me of one of my son's favorite shirts (he's a procrastinator extrodinare) -- "Procrastinators of the world unite -- Tomorrow" :-)

jenclair said...

What a great idea to use phone book pages for foundation piecing! They are so thin. Thanks for that idea.

Some of the things I think I'd love to do (and day dream about), obviously are not very high on my list -- which is a long, long one. When they never make it to the top, I have to assume the idea is more important than the reality. Dyeing fabric is one of those...

Kay said...

I second the comment about phone book pages; great idea.

Maybe when we don't do something we'd "love to do" we don't really want to?

Kim said...

donna - Hopefully, he's a 'relaxed type' procrastinator -- I'm a proud card carrying member myself. ^_^

jen and kay - I believe I read about using pages from a old phone book at quiltville.com

After the "should" stuff gets done I often find that I don't have the energy to break through the inertia to get to the "love to" stuff. (At least this is my excuse right now!)