Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An extra "weekly"

As I was squaring this little piece up I told myself that this obsession with scraps has to end. Really. I have to start some more project and try not to generate to many scraps. I have stacks of squares and rectangles ready to start exploring making some traditional quilt blocks. I think I'm going to start with Nine Patch Blocks ( from I also like the Scrappy Star block/quilt (from And, of course, a Scrappy Heart quilt would be fun and cute too (also from

Living consciously...

Today's title: The Lost Art of Thinking for Yourself.

I try to take each day for what it is and move forward as true to myself as I can. I don't spend much time wondering where my thoughts and feelings come from -- I have most of it figured out by now or at least I don't (over-)react when one or some of those "damaging" ones drop in. Just try to observe it and let it pass through.


Sande said...

Hi Kim,
I'm enjoying seeing all the ways to use scraps. Got a bunch myself! And I'm also enjoying seeing your commitment to keeping a journal and the way you post consciously and the 'read more' part.
If you could bottle your disciplined ways and sell it to people like me you would make your fortune!!
Blessings on your day.

Kim said...

Sande - So nice to hear from you! My scrap adventure came from just trying to get a little more organized. It's been quite a ride.

Disciplined? Ha! I don't think of myself that way - obsessed and a tad crazy is more like it. I will say I'm trying to do things that bring me joy - learning as I go. Having creative outlets is absolutely critical for me. Making a fortune has never been a priority for me and, hey, beside you have everything inside you all ready!