Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thrytene Ensemble

I started work on putting together thirteen weeklies from early in the year to create a wall hanging. I do like the way this is coming together! The finish size will be close to 40 inches wide and 45 inches long. It will look lovely on the chocolate brown wall in my bedroom. I'll get it all sewn together this weekend but will then have some hours of handwork covering some raw edges on the back and adding some beads or other embellishments. The little mock up I made (here) has been very helpful in getting this piece to come together. So exciting... I feel like the time spent working with the journal is paying off.

Living consciously...

Hendricks begins the reading today introducing Epictetus - "we are our prohairesis" - and then jumps to a practice that, in part, requests that in honor of him, ask yourself: What do I know that could help people change their lives two thousand years from now?

I'll get right on that. Okay, if I take a breath and answer with some seriousness, I'd probably focus on something like -- BE a citizen of the world.
(you know, just a little more inclusive moral, economic, political relationships between individuals, States, Countries... 2000 years maybe I should say - BE a citizen of the Universe.)


Fran├žoise said...

This is going to be a lovely quilt.
Do you use something like "quilt as you go" to join all the pieces together?

McIrish Annie said...

Kim, I love how the weeklies have come together. I had to laugh over your commnent about being obsessed with scraps. Between finishing UFOS and using up scraps, I may never start a new project.

Kim said...

fran├žoise - Thanks. I am very pleased with how this quilt is coming together -- and "coming together" has taken on a variety of meanings!
I had to look up "quilt as you go" and I suppose I've used a variation of that technique in joining some of the edges. Other edges have been stitched to with a scant quarter inch seam that I will top stitch to make it more secure and then I will cover the raw edges on the back with a strip of fabric or bias tape. I've even been know to butt two edges together and secure with a zigzag stitch then cover with a piece of ribbon. I make it work the best I can so that it looks good on both the front and the back.

annie - Thanks. When I thought about 'melding' weeklies together at the beginning of the year I really didn't know how well it would work. Needless to say I am thrilled with how this first attempt is coming together. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the other three sets!

The scraps have been fun. I've been avoiding the UFO's but they are on my list -- I figure I can always chop them up and make them into something else!

sharonb said...

Kim I wanted to add how well this is coming together and being a journal fan I am pleased to see the journal is useful too

Kay said...

This is going to be stunning! And I couldn't agree more on the obvious value of the journal.

Kim said...

sharon and kay - Thanks! I'm very happy with it and eager to see it hanging in my bedroom. And with the journal, this is the most consistent I've been -- almost three weeks now -- I really enjoy the time I spend working in the journal and am beginning to feel more comfortable that my drawing skills. ^_^