Monday, September 08, 2008

A new view

A much improved view! The chaos that was my bulletin board has been transformed -- little better order, little more color, and I can see what's there. I was going to do it first thing this morning but got distracted by the scrap trimmings from the pages I made over the last few days. I was going to toss them but last minute decided to sew them together. I'm happy I did. It made a colorful 'wallpaper' for the bulletin board, covering about a third of the board.

Living consciously...

Claiming full responsibility for your feelings is the theme today. In the practice Hendricks sets forth some sentences to repeat, with emphasis on the first word -- I cause my _______(insert feeling in space.)

I know I'm responsible for my own feelings, it's just so much easier to let a few select others to share in the responsibility. Really, I'm only kidding... kinda.


Quilt Pixie said...

I m ay be responsible for my feelings, but someone needs to bear the brint of them :-) hehe

Your bulletin board looks great. Covering it with scrap wallpaper really livens the whole thing up... May think about such a project for my office bulletin board just to bring some cheer to my day there :-)

Alis said...

Very brave of you to sort that board. I often think of sorting mine but wouldn't know where to start. There are things on there from 15 years ago. In fact I think all my life is up there! LOL

Yours does look fab now though - hmm maybe I should....

Kim said...

donna - I'm so happy I cleaned up the bulletin board. It has really lifted my spirits. Go ahead and cheer yourself up... looking forward to see what you do with your office bulletin board!

alis - Bravery born from necessity as things were beginning to fall off! I only had seven years on that board -- I started with a clean slate the year we got back from Bristol. I hope to keep it more usable and maybe it fuel my creativity!

Who knows, you may rediscovery some real treasures on your board!