Sunday, September 07, 2008

Scraps to Steps

I do believe that every time I look at or think about 'scrap pages' I will think about the US Open. I watched most of the games while sewing strips onto pages from an old phone book. The good news that both of them should come to an end tomorrow! I did twenty more pages today and am left with strips of scraps that are less than five inches. I'll be thrilled when this is done and am so ready to move on to other things.

I was talking with my daughter last night, hubby and her are up in Seattle taking in a few Mariners/Yankee games, she said her cell phone read 18,000 steps that day. My husband got on the phone and confirmed that his pedometer had 18,251. Clearly, they are winning in the steps per day race. With all the TV and sewing, I spent most of the sitting on my tuckus... didn't have my pedometer on but I'm pretty sure it never got over 3,000. It's time to pull out my pedometer and pay more attention to moving.

I'm starting to brainstorm what, if any, themes I will have for my Weekly Collages. I was going to fix the size as well but I think I'll postpone that until I have worked out the theme. Right now, I'm considering the Human body (or body parts or nude or clothed) or Man-made things (buildings, cities, objects.) Drawing the human body is something I want to practice more so I'm strongly leaning in that direction. Yeah, I got a few weeks to figure it out.

Living consciously...

The practice: Think on what Spirit means to you.

I like that the word spirit comes from the Latin word spiritus, meaning breath. That as simple as it needs to be for me -- something unseen, but when I breathe in and out, I have life.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to your Weekly Collages. Drawing the human body is no small feat.

Kim said...

rian - I still have fifteen weeks left in this year... the themes this year haven't been as inspirational as I thought they would be. (The remaining monthly themes are: beauty; remembrance; acceptance; and joy.) It would certainly be a challenge to make the whole of 2009 about the human body. I really have to give it some thought. Can I really stay motivated to do 52 different views/body parts? (head, shoulder, knees, toes... and ears, nose, eyes...) Talk about a body of work.