Saturday, September 06, 2008

More pages of scraps

This is the last of the scraps that I have to deal with. I sewed strips together and made twenty-six "pages." I figure I have four more hours sewing to get the rest of the scraps onto a foundation paper. I am enjoying this new sense of order I have in the studio along with daily ritual of working in the journal. (Does eleven days make it a ritual?)

Living consciously...

What a sweet practice today -- find a nice instrumental music you love, listen to and pick out an instrument that calls to you: Visualize yourself as that instrument, and imagine the care that must go into keeping your notes strong and clear and beautiful.

So many pieces of music to choose from but I am partial to the piano and violin (and saxophone and trumpet.) Being an instrument AND learning to play it to its full potential is life... make the best of what you've got.

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