Thursday, October 02, 2008


Slow day in the studio. Read some and watched the Biden-Palin debate with a group of friends. I heard some pundit call it VPTV which made me smile.

And because I'm still on a little politico high, a little trivia:
Fourteen U. S. Vice Presidents became President. Five were elected in their own right; four inherited the office through the natural death of the incumbent, four by assassination, and one by resignation.

Also, additional, various and perhaps some further information about what the Veep does or might want to do... Wiki VP of the USA.

Living consciously...

The practice - Live the question: What will it take for me to execute successfully in my windows of destiny?

Well, as long as we're not talking a "predetermined" course of events, I'm game to walk one step at a time into my future. I think for many years (working/raising kids) I was in a sort of auto-pilot flight plan. The last few years I am more aware of how my day-to-day choices are influences my life in a positive direction. Yep, uh-huh, life is good!

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