Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New month

I thought I'd start the month fresh by getting the studio picked up. I sharpened the Prismacolor pencils, re-stocked the wound bobbins, folded and put away fabric, dealt with the few remaining scraps, and simple housekeeping. In the process of putting away some books, I ran across Ruth B. McDowell's Design Workshop that I bought several months ago. I started to thumb through the book and on page 19 read: "Many forested landscapes can be sewn as a Log Cabin..." Of course, I just had to give it a try.

To-do's or goals that's the question, but on the docket for October:

  1. Five weekly collages - monthly theme of Remembrance
  2. October TIFC - Textile workspace/my studio: How do I feel about this space? What role does it play in my life?
  3. Knitting - still "working" on a plan but I'm committed to start a pair of socks by Friday.
  4. Journal - daily throughout the month with a focus to make it more a studio tool.
  5. Assemble another 13 weekly collages into a wall hanging.
  6. Make 6 gifts - I have to get this going if I'm going to be successful before the holidays!
  7. and... continue working through Design Workshop.

Living consciously...

Hendricks reminds us of the concept of the "upper limits problem," the tendency we humans have to bring ourselves back down after we've had a high time or a big win. I wasn't aware of that concept so I did some additional reading today. I guess it's a matter of what-goes-up-must-come-down thinking or subconscious positive-negative energy balance. In the practice, Hendricks ask you to consider ways that 'you might be punishing yourself for feeling good and consider other ways that might be easier on yourself'.

So, being aware has to be the first step; then acknowledging that I'm starting to slip into negative energy or thinking; and finally taking steps to restore the positive (both energy and thinking!)

For nine months I've been reading and working through Gay Hendricks' A Year of Living Consciously and while I have not always agreed with everything, I tried to embrace the spirit of it. The very first "practice" of the year was to make this commitment:

This year, I commit to living consciously, and I commit to having fun as I do. I commit to expanding my consciousness and my capacity for fun every minute of this year.

At the time my response was "I'm in trouble!" -- the notion of my capacity for fun paralyzed me and sent me into a mini-panic. It has taken me some time to get comfortable with what "fun" means to me. It's not an outward expression: belle of the ball; life of the party; adventure seeking - but rather a broadening and deepening of what I enjoy doing and engaging in it with a lighthearted playfulness. Am I doing it every minute? Well, I'm trying to at least do it every day. And my expanding consciousness? - I do believe I'm more aware of my consciousness now, time will tell if it expands.


Kay said...

What an interesting idea about the log cabin and forested landscapes. You remind me to look at that book again.

Kim said...

kay - I don't know why but paper-piecing is something I've never really considered. McDowell's book is causing me rethink my flawed assumption... chalk that one to live and learn!