Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Knit and clean

A few more rows on the anklets I'm knitting. I'm using a pattern I found at Knitting on the Net - here.

ooooh... these look like fun - knitted and crocheted slipper patterns on whip up.

Most of free time and energy was spent today on cleaning house and getting odd chores and errands done as we are leaving early tomorrow morning to head down to Ashland to see three plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. I really like coming home to a clean house so much so that I sacrificed my studio time. Grumpy but happy it's done.

Living consciously...

For practice: What is your passion?

To help answer that question Hendricks provides some clues: time passes quickly when your engage in the activity; the world and worries disappear; afterward, you feel exhilarated; you can't imagine not having this activity in your life; some of fondest memories focus on engaging in this activity; a bad day engaged in this activity is better than a good day of most other things.

Spending time in the studio is definitely a passion of mine -- making things, exercising my creativity. At the core of it is how I feel about learning and problem solving... kept me engaged when I was working, playing music, cooking, and trying new things -- living life.

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jenclair said...

Got a phone call and thought I'd published the comment and had not...so I'm trying again.

I agree completely with Hendricks' definition of passion. For me reading and gardening also fit, but I'm missing the creative zone of fabric right now.

Love the toucan!