Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A quick post

I never *trust* that a picture I send to the blog is going to get here until I verify... yup, it made it.

We made it to Ashland with enough time for me to get my journal done before we headed off for dinner and the play. We saw Arthur Miller's 'A View from the Bridge' - it was not exactly uplifting (the playbill called it "the gritty side of the American Dream") but it was well acted.

Living consciously...

Sometimes I get whiplash reading Hendricks. Yesterday I had I wonderful thought about thinking about my passion, today he says -- Wonder about your anger: what you say it's about; what it's really about; and what you get from it.

Well, of course, it's all about me - my impatience, my intolerance, my frustration, my etceteras... I suppose it allows me an excuse for not being able to better communicate. Maybe that's why lately I've taken to pouting and giving myself a time out until I feel I can deal with "the" situation in a more effective manner. hmmm


jenclair said...

How odd that just a few minutes ago, I was realizing that so much that goes on between my husband and myself is a result of my frustration turning to an uncommunicative sullenness. Our moods are so easily communicated, but the reason behind them are often unclear. Especially to a man! I expect him to understand certain things, and he is usually oblivious...which leads to frustration and the rest of the cycle. It would behoove me to put more of my feelings into words and quit expecting him to know things that he should know (but never does).

Kim said...

jen -I have felt much of the same. Years and years of trying to 'help' my husband understand has only frustrated me further. My latest analogy for how we deal with things: when a drop of water falls on my arm, I absorb it and when a drop of water drops on my husbands arm, he shakes it off. Talking about the drop of water is one thing and discussing how we deal with it another and what, if any, effect the drop of water had on us (or in us) runs the gamut from laughter to argument.

Recently, I told my friends at breakfast that much of my complaining is only so I can understand how to move my relationship grade from an A- to an A+.