Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mid month

Mid month, but who's counting... I am so ready for the politics of the last, oh, twenty months to be over with! My mantra has become "Patience, grasshopper" -- am I channeling Master Po or just trying to hear my own heart beat?

I got the first anklet done - a boring little thing but it's a comfortable sock. I'm confident (fingers crossed) that I'll get the other one done by Sunday. Yay! and then I'll start another pair. I am determined to meet my goal of making twelve pairs of socks by the end of the year.

Off to watch the last debate but before I go, a couple of things that had me smiling today:

  1. Watch the debate before it happens (here)
  2. When all else fails dance - with the political stars
  3. and of course, new Capital Steps songs

I started thinking about the end of the month and Halloween, then played around with an idea to make a birthday card for my youngest sister who has her birthday on October 31st. She's turning the big five-oh (I'm probably more in shock about it than she is!)

Living consciously...

For practice: Begin your embrace of genius...

To help Hendricks offers a 'friendly' definition of genius: those things you do that don't feel like work. Well, that helps!

I know all things I enjoy doing and if I remove years of 'buying into' the competitive-who's-smarter-better-keeping-up-with-the-how-to-get-ahead crowd mentality then I'm perfectly fine with being a moodling genius. ("moodling" - see Jens' Bayou Quilts post... Thanks Jen!)


jenclair said...

:) You are definitely a moodling genius in my book!

Anonymous said...

Love the Capitol Steps, they're a scream. Thanks for the remind.

Kay said...

Ditto on the Capitol Steps. Thanks for the link.